Decluttering your life

Soon I will be turning 30 and a good friend of mine is also turning thirty shortly afterwards. Here is a card I made for her recently titled:
How to declutter your life before turning 30
29 Things you CAN do without

I got the idea from a magazine and had so much fun coming up with the list...

What is something you can do without in your life?


Paper Anyone?

He's cute and he's all paper! A fun display I saw in a store last weekend during my trip to Greensboro, NC. It is amazing what you can do with paper. I love it!


SuRvivinG SeAttlE

Someone very special to me just moved to Seattle. He got a job a few weeks ago and was so excited. After talking to a few people around town he wasn’t that sure about the city. Not hearing anything good and only about the rain and how depressing Seattle was he was wondering if he should even go. But he did and he already loves it. I was planning on going to visit at the end of the year but he wants me to come next week! That’s how much he loves it there and wants me to see it too. I’m so excited now and can’t wait to visit Seattle because I’ve never been there before. Have you been to Seattle before? What did you think?

(Image: Front of card by me)
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