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I have to share this with you! A few days ago, I found out that I won the giveaway sponsored by the Etsy shop Sam’s Stuff. As the winner I was able to pick the crocheted headband of my choice. I knew the prize was in the mail, but what a surprise when I opened the package today. This Etsy shop owner is not only talented and creative, but she pays attention to every detail. As an architect, details are important to me, but I was blown away at the attention to the details that went into this package of goodies. I actually debated for a minute or two if I should open the wrapping on the headband. The stitching on it was so beautiful that I wanted to keep it, but I really wanted to see the headband! Finally I unwrapped the package while saving as much of the stitching as I could!!
The package also included a handmade book marker (did she know I’ve been using an old receipt in the book I am currently reading or what?) and a hand drawn piece of art in a frame. The headband came with instructions for care and how to adjust it if it didn’t fit, but it fit perfectly and I haven’t taken it off since it arrived! So how blown away was I with this headband? When I took it off the holder it came on and looked on the inside of it, there was a hand stitched label! I love it!! Please stop by Sam’s Stuff and show this lovely Etsy lady some love. Her shop is full of vintage and handmade items.

After you visit Sam’s Stuff don’t forget to enter my giveaway in the next post if you haven’t already. Only one week left.
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