Vitalicious :: A Review

Last week I received the Vitalicious SuperSampler Pack to review.  Inside the box was a wonderful assortment of VitaTops, VitaBrownies, and Mini VitaCakes.

It included:
2 Apple Crub VitaTops
2 Triple Chocolate VitaTops
2 Fudge Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
2 Cran Bran VitaTops
2 Banana Chocolate VitaTops
2 Banana Nut
2 Deep Chocolate VitaTops
2 Chocolate Mint VitaTops
2 Golden Corn VitaTops
4 VitaBrownies
6 Mini Fudge Chocolate VitaCakes

The first thing I did was put them all in the freezer.  Since they are all-natural and don't contain preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind you are suppose to put them in the freezer within 24 hours of receiving them.  They will remain fresh for nine months in the freezer or five days at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Throughout the week I took one out each day to try.  With such a wide variety it was hard to pick which one to try so I didn't look at the name and just grabbed one from the freezer. Since they are in the freezer you can microwave them or let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes to thaw.  I was never in a hurry to eat one so I just let it sit out for a few minutes to thaw. 

With each being 100 calories or less they make a great snack, especially at night.  When I was craving something small and sweet after dinner these really hit the spot.  After thawing at room temperature the cake part was moist and fluffy.  I liked the Fudge Peanut Butter Chip and Chocolate Mint ones the best and the amount of protein and fiber in each surprised me, much higher than most snacks. Also, the amount of Vitamin D and other vitamins was huge plus!  

Have you tried any Vitalicious products before?  
What did you think?


Wednesday Wonderfuls

Some lovely finds::

Custom Paper Dolls, what a great idea!

{Southern Sky Art}


What lovely things have you come across lately?



The Tomato Art Festival:: East Nashville

Last Saturday we stopped by the Tomato Art Festival in East Nashville for a bit to wander around.  The weather was actually very comfortable and unlike a typical August day in Nashville.  The streets were full of people, arts and crafts booths, food for sale and live music in between.  We made our way to the Art and Invention Gallery right off the intersection at Five Points. The Tomato Art Festival was started by the owners of the gallery in 2004 and has grown tremendously over the years.  Inside the gallery was all the Tomato themed artwork which is one of my favorite parts of the festival.

Here are a few of my favorites::
Jamie Grubbs
Mater Moon Serenade
(Acrylic Mixed Media)

Andy Detwiler
Summer Games
(Acrylic Gel Photo Transfer Wood)

Lorri Honeycutt
Eat Good Food

Barbara Coon
They Come for Brunch #1
(Copper, Wood Acrylic, Mixed Media)

Vicki Sawyer
Speck (on top) and Leonardo
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Amber Wallace
Birds & Tomatoes

There were so many lovely pieces of art!

And to really get the feel of what the whole thing was like and see some more great artwork check out this wonderful video by the lovely and talented Beth Inglish.

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Loves on a Thursday :: Succulents

Today I'm excited to be co-hosting Loves on a Thursday over at Imprintalish.  Lish hosts a weekly link-up party where you can link up your post about what you love.

This week I've been thinking about succulents, one of my favorite plants. I've done a number of posts on succulents before and I just can't seem to get enough of them.

Today I'm loving succulents mixed with other flowers and elements.

Loving them with pink flowers, moss and drift wood...

wrapped in Kraft paper clustered together in a small wooden box as a center piece...

in a thick wooded planter...

in a wooden Mexican sugar mold as a planter...

and even in a wedding bouquet mixed in with other leaves and flowers.

They just look so lovely!   
And what about you, what have you been loving recently?


Are you a Pinner? Etsy stalker? Blog hopper? Photographer? Have cute kids? Loving life? Always looking for pretty things? I would love to see what your loving lately!

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Covered in Grace


Wednesday Wonderfuls

Some lovely finds::

The tiniest sock monkey I've ever seen!

What lovely things have you come across recently?

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