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Sometimes it's hard to get off the computer and do what I really enjoy: making things my hand! Here are a few things that I finished recently. A few new sets of glass pebble magnets for Shana's Shop. And do you remember these? I posted about them here. I had some left over fabric from my pillows which I used for my new fabric basket. I love it and have found it very useful!
I first saw the fabric baskets on EverythingEtsy and then posted about them here. The tutorial which is here came from Christina at The Sometimes Crafter and when I told her that I was going to try these she wrote to me and told me about leaving the opening in an inside corner instead of the top as she originally put in her tutorial. She told me she was going to update her tutorial but hadn't had a chance yet.

It was great advice and worked out perfectly. It helps give the top a smoother uniform finish just like she said it would. I've been using my little fabric box on my desk since I finished it and it has stayed full and has been very useful. I had to empty it out to get some photos so you could see the inside. Since I used scraps from the my pillows I actually only had to buy the batting. The only problem is now I have batting left over and need some more fun fabric to make another one! Oh, and also a new sewing machine because mine is broken!

What have you been working on recently?

Oh, and one more thing, are you looking for a swap? I just started a Magnet Swap. If you want to be part of it please check it out here.

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Cupcake ♥ Love

Here is my March scrapbook layout.
If you missed the last few months you can see them here:

Have you had a cupcake from Cupcake Royale? We had them while we were in Seattle last November and, yes, they were as good as we thought they were going to be.

They reminded me of Gigi's here in Nashville; only the icing wasn't as high. At Gigi's the icing is usually twice as tall as the cake of the cupcake itself. These fancy cupcakes are such wonderful treat. What's your favorite splurge when calories don't matter?

Hop on over to Everything Etsy for more great handmade items ...

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Wednesday Wonderfuls

Today I want to share some fun things I found recently on Etsy that remind me of Spring time.

These beautiful vinyl wall stickers are just perfect for bringing the outside in. They are made by a team of talented designers with backgrounds in interior design, graphic design, and architecture. I love their style and that they are made in the USA! Check them out at Simple Shapes Wall Designs. What do you put on your Refrigerator door? Magnets, right? Well, check out these beautiful flower felt magnets by DashingEtc. I love sending cards in the mail, but love getting one from someone even more! I was so excited when I found Monkey Mind Design in Denver. This designer recently left the advertising world and is enjoying making these amazing creations. Who won't want to find one of these cards in their mailbox? So what makes you think of Spring time?
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