Another Look

An interesting look for succulents...
it is always amazing what a little spray paint can do!


Digital Prints

Recently I had an idea to add some new digital prints to Shana's Shop. These are files you can purchase and print out yourself. It's great because there is no shipping cost and once you buy the listing it's yours to print out as many times as you want!
Have you ever purchased a digital file on Etsy before?


Wednesday Wonderfuls

Some lovely finds::

What lovely item(s) have you come across recently? Please leave a comment with a link so others can enjoy your great finds too!

And I hope you are having a great week so far too!


Just add Water...

I want to try this! I saw it while I was walking out of a restaurant in Nashville recently. They just took a glass container, put some stones in the bottom and added some water and succulents.

I just love the way it looks!



Over the last few months I have been slowly working on a new look for Shana's Shop. I have redone the photographs of my magnet sets, revised my banner, made new business cards and created new packaging.

Yesterday was a very exciting day as 3 magnet set orders came in! As I put them together and pack them up I realized, to my surprise, all of my work had come together and I was very happy with how it has all turned out.

{new banner}

{new business cards}

{& the new packaging}

With a printed invoice I think it all comes together nicely!
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