Take your photos with you...

Another great way to enjoy your photos of trips, family and friends is to take the photos with you in a pocket size photo book. I love to make these as gifts by filling them up with a variety of photos, patterned papers and postcards. The more you put in there the more fun it will be!

To make your own I suggest:
- 20 +/- pages about 5”x 3” (Cardstock works well)
- Hole punch
- Round corner punch
- Small chain or metal ring
- Photos, postcards and patterned papers
- Glue stick (Yes glue works well too)
- Stickers
- Wax paper and heavy books

I like to put my photos in chronological order and place patterned papers and fun postcards throughout to add variety. Roughly arrange what goes where before you start gluing.
1. Start by gluing everything that will be on the front side of each page.
2. Place wax paper between each page and place under a heavy book over night.
3. After these pages have dried trim the edges away and round all the corners. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner. Once one page has a hole punched in it use it as a template so all the holes will line up.
4. Next glue what goes on the back of all the pages.
5. Place wax paper between each page and place under a heavy book over night.
6. After these pages have dried, trim the edges away and round all the corners. Punch a hole in the upper right hand corner matching up with the hole on the other side of the page that you already made.
7. Place on a chain or ring and your photo book is ready to go!


What's on your fridge?

Hi, my name is Debbie and I am very excited about this blog. This is my first posting so I thought I would try to explain what the name means. I named my blog "On the Refrigerator Door" because I think what is on your refrigerator door says alot about you. I always love to see what people put on their refrigerator doors.

I love to travel, but spend most of the time sitting at a desk. All my traveling started many years ago. I went to Israel when I was 14 and since then I haven't been able to stop traveling. I studied in Krakow, Poland in architecture school for a semester and worked in New Zealand for a year after I graduated. I have also traveled around Europe, Australia, Asia and stepped into Africa for a day.

Since I love all these places that I have been to, but can’t be there now I love to look at photographs from my trips. I try to capture these places in photographs and then surround myself with them. They are all over my desk at work, my house and even on my refrigerator door.

Most people’s refrigerator doors are full of memories with photos from trips, family, friends or children’s artwork. You can get a glimpse into someone’s life by looking at their refrigerator. You can even get a glimpse of someone’s personality by the way their refrigerator doors are kept especially if there is nothing on the doors at all!!

In addition to the photos on my fridge I also have my own handmade magnets. I started making my own magnets about a year ago. I made a large magnet board for an odd shaped wall and couldn't find any magnets that I liked. I started my Etsy shop called Shana’s Shop in August 2008 to sell these magnets and other things that I make.

What's on my refrigerator right now? Well, last July I went to Alaska with my family. My younger brother had been working there and wanted us all to experience it too. We were there for a week, but we all want to go back and see more. I still have photos and postcards from Alaska on my fridge because it was so beautiful there.

Thanks for reading my blog to learn a little bit about me.
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