The Time Traveler's Wife

Have you read it or seen the movie? I just finished the book and loved it. I have to admit I watched the movie in the middle of reading the book, but this wasn't completely intentional. On my last trip I didn't take the book with me because I was told what a tear jerker it was and I didn't want to be crying in the middle of the airport as I read the book. I was half way through the book, dying to know what happens, and they ended up showing the movie on my flight. Of course the movie was different, but I enjoyed it. I still wanted to finish reading the book and I'm so glad that I did. The whole time traveling thing is really what caught my attention and made me when to read book. I wanted to know what that was all about. Well written and beautifully developed characters made this a wonderful read for me. What about you? What did you think?
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