Friday Already?

"Not Everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted."

-Albert Einstein

Friday already? I can't believe it! This week has just flown by. Worked everyday, made it to all my kickboxing classes (one of those classes with no a/c!) and wrapped up a few custom orders at Words For You.

Hope it's been a great week for you too!


Wednesday Wonderfuls

Some lovely Spring Time inspiration...
The work of Michelle at Calamari Studio (love that name!) has such a lovely soft feel to it. "Ferns" is one of my favorites."dream until your dreams come true"

Christen over at {letterhappy} created this lovely print. Love the colors, love the saying, even love the way she photographed it!

Recently, I came across Renee Anne's blog which is how I found her her lovely Etsy shop. She is a self-taught Canadian artist with so much to offer. Here is one of my favorite sets of cards from here shop titled "A Bird I Once Knew."

Valentina is a graphic designer and I am in love with her style. Her illustrations are so detailed and fun. Here is a set of her She Believed Cards which I think would be great to send someone for a sweet note and lots of inspiration! Look at all the detail around the edge of the cards, just beautiful!

I hope you enjoy these creations by these very talented ladies!!


Lovely Ends

The other day I realized I needed some hooks in my bathroom. It's funny because my very next thought was: how could I make it, instead of: where can I buy it? 

A few days later while I was cleaning up some debris from last year's flood I came across some boards of wood that I knew were exactly what I needed. I scrubbed the wood down with soap and water and then sealed it after it dried for a few days. I used some white knobs that I had, but wasn't using and couldn't wait to hang it up. Now I feel like it is a piece of artwork in my bathroom.I love the ends of this board and maybe I do go in the bathroom a little more than I need to just to look at what I made!
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Treat Jars

The other day I was at an antique shop and came across one of these jars. I was excited because I already had one at home. I had to get it! Now I have two great treat jars for our two great dogs!Where to you like to keep your dog treats?
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