Wednesday Wonderfuls

Some fun finds ::

Personalized Hand Embroidered Note by Rachel at CornflowerbluestudioThe Button Collector no. 88 by Sarah at egg-a-go-goTiny Pinwheel Earrings II by Ximao at MXMjewelry
Bursting with Brilliance notebook by Kate at Katieblairdesigns
Happy Wednesday!


Rachel said...

great finds! thanks for including my hand embroidered note in this collection!

Julia & Cori said...

those are awesome finds!!!! thanks for sharing them!!

Stopping by from the Handmade Wednesday Hop!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wowee, missus. Those finds are awesome. I love the bracelet the best, I think. Although that notebook rocks, doesn't it?!!

Oh, alright, I'll have them all if you insist. You do?! Great, it's a deal!!!

I'm your new follower....


samsstuff said...

I'm with Sarah, I want them all :)

Katie said...

Cute finds, I love the top three!
Thanks for your comment on my garden post - My planter ideas come from what I saw here! (I'll be linking in the post when they are done) x

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