Spying on the Neighbors

The house out back has been empty for over a year. Every once in a while I peek out to see if anyone has moved in.

Then I spotted her.

The first few times I saw her she was bringing back things to build up the nest inside and make it more livable.

Now I see her bringing back food for the babies. It's very exciting to have a family of birds living out back. Now we'll see how long it takes someone to find the new birdhouse.
Gourd birdhouse from my friend's shop Main Street Marketplace in Dickson, TN


jannek said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for following me! What a nice post about the birds in your garden. I also have a birdy mum in my garden being very busy feeding her babies! I also noticed your post about the wood project in your bathroom, what a great idea! I'm going to follow you for more wonderful posts and DIY ideas! Oh, and what a great blogdesign, did you do that yourself? xo, janneke

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Thanks Janneke! I actually found my blog template online somewhere a few years ago. It was a free template and I just loved the graphics at the top and feel of it. I have tweaked it a bit (fonts, colors) and have been enjoying it.

samsstuff said...

What a sweet post, I hope she finds her new home soon :)

Anonymous said...

One way to encourage new neighbors for the beautiul new birdhouse is to hang bits of string, yarn or shredded paper in the tree near the house.

Sandy said...

She looks like the little house wrens we have around here. We have a next on the back of our house. Whenever we get to close she jumps out and scolds, scolds, scolds. I don't think she is more than 3" long.

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