W ow! Thank you to everyone that stopped by for my big day! I was excited but never imaged the response I got. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and new followers!

I still haven't read all the comments (over 350!) but am enjoying them so much as I do. It is wonderful to meet so many new bloggers (new to me) and also for others that have been here before to stop by.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Here in Nashville it is beautiful outside. With rain and snow in the forecast this week I'm enjoying it while we have it!


Christine Macdonald said...

Congrats again. Happy Weekend to you too! :)

Laurel said...

Ahh the good thing about being late is that I'm number 2 instead of nubmer 352:)! Looking forward to poking around your blog. I lived in south Asia recently so I'm looking forward to those pictures! Congrats on your Sits day in the sun!

Amanda said...

Nashville is one of my FAVORITE places on the planet. My hubby and I went there the first time in the spring and it was gorgeous. We used to live about 5 hours from there but then after we moved to Florida, it's a lot further away! We miss it. Enjoy your gorgeous weekend! Spring has almost sprung.

scrappysue said...

hehe - my very next blog post after my sits post was entitled 'wow' too! fun day huh

Jill of Ark said...

All the SITS love was well-deserved. This is a terrific blog!

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