Wednesday Wonderfuls

Welcome to another Wednesday Wonderfuls! Today I want to share some wonderful things I found recently.

I instantly feel in love with these hearts when I came across LaurieMade. This artist loves to sew and I absolutely love her creations! These aren't just for Valentine's Day. I think they would look great hanging all year round!
I have been connecting with so many crafty and creative people on Facebook recently. When I connected with Debra of End of the Day Crafting and saw her shop I was so excited. Scrapbooking, cardmaking, craft supplies...she's got it all! Here are some of my favorite items.
Zany is a craft junkie and runs Zany Hoopla. She does a little bit of everything and always enjoys trying new crafts. On NPR the other day they were talking about a new about Mark Twain and ended the segment with a shorten version the quote below. Isn't it a great one?
Pocket size matchbook calenders, black print on brown paper, oh the simplicity. What could be better than that? Oh, and her colorful items are beautiful too!
Please take a moment and check out these wonderful shops!

Also my giveaway is still going on until Feb 14th so please check out the next post and enter!


Patricia Torres said...

I love the name of your blog... theres lots of stuff on my fridge.. magnets from travel, a few pictures... and notices from the kids school.. and upcoming bdays.. etc...

Love this post.. The first heart is truly beautiful.

Alisa said...

I love the bird tags!

Laura said...

That car notebook is so cute! Hmm, my refridgerator door, don't know what it says about me as we live in germany and it is common that the fridge is built-into the cabinetry. Meaning it has the exact same front as the rest of the cabinets. Can't magnet anything cool or unique onto it!

LisaDay said...

This is a great feature.


Stopping by on SITS day.

designbabylon said...

ooh! i love the tags!

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