By Hand

Amanda, the designer behind Wit & Whistle, has started a new little series on Fridays where she is practicing her hand lettering skills. This is something I'd love to spend more time on and become better at doing!  The ones she has done so far are just lovely and make me want to start practicing! Can't wait to see what she comes up with for the next two Fridays.

 What about you? 
Do you like to write things by hand?

Loves on a Thursday


Amanda (wit and whistle) said...

Thank you so much for the feature Debbie! I'm thrilled that you are enjoying my blog and my work! :)

Meeha Meeha said...

This is rad! The fonts are so daring and creative at the same time! I have a talented friend who does this for a passion, maybe I should publish her too :)

Stela said...

I wish my handwriting was that awesome!!
I love to write by hand but it's not so pretty.

Lish said...

Gorgeous hand writing! If I take my time I can get some half decent writing but that isn't problem ... I'm always in a rush! Lol ! Thanks for linking up!

SarahJane Miller said...

These are incredible! I am in love with them! Just found your cute blog through the giveaway, I am excited to read more. Come follow along http://sjdmiller.blogspot.com

Katie said...

I certainly love writing things by hand, but they don't turn out as pretty as these!


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