Some wonderful Artist you should see!

We made our way to Asheville, NC last weekend. The weather was perfect and the changing leaves were beautiful! Along with some wonderful company and walking way too much I discovered some new and inspiring artists I want to share with you.

First we went to a huge craft show, The Southern Highland Craft Guild, which was going on in the city and then we wandering about to find some lunch and along the way found so many more great artists.

One of my favorite artists at the craft show was Holden McCurry. He make these beautiful pray towers along with Friendship Houses, landscapes and more. Check out his website here.

Another artist was Molly Dingledine. I was just in awe of her beautifully jewelery. Her booth was actually so packed I couldn't get as close as I wanted to look at all her amazing creations, but what I saw I loved!! Check out her website here.

Then there was Sarah Faulkner who I discover in another shop in Asheville. Her prints were beautiful and the style that I love. So soft and simple I loved them! Check out her website here.
Who have you discovered recently?


Regina said...

Hi Debbie...I have missed you. Sounds like you had a fun and great adventure on this trip. LOVE the prayer houses...so unique.


samsstuff said...

Hi Debbie! What cute things you have discovered :) I see great things, almost daily on Etsy & Flickr. I wish I didn't have brain freeze & could remember all of them, but they're in my favorites & among my contacts... It sounds like you're having fun, thanks for sharing your finds with us!

Debbie said...

I love finding great artists like that! Thanks for introducing them to us.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! I love going to shows like that where there's so much creativity on display.


Thank You so much for posting about your new "Finds" at the Craft Guild. I absolutely LOVE Holden McCurry's prayer towers and I wish I could see them in person, must have been awesome!
As for discovering Artists...that happens ALL the time, every day, 10 times a day, over in "Etsyland", there is so much talent, so much vision and beauty harnessed by Artists on that site alone, never mind everywhere else! But here are 2 of my favorite potters if you haven't seen them:

Thank you again, great Blog!
:) Kristin

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