Wednesday Wonderfuls

Etsy is so much fun. I enjoy working on my shop but even more I enjoy all the other fun things I find. Just to share a few, here are some of my favorites.

Beautiful prints by Hirondelle Rustique
This print is also currently the prize of a giveaway going on here so check it out.
Beautiful artwork by Constant Dreamer

And some super cute birds from Red Hot Pottery I hope you enjoy these wonderful artists too and don't forget to enter my giveaway below again and again because you can enter each day.


The Queen of Clearance said...

That first print is just super cute! Everything is cute! Are you trying to make me spend money? I love little birdie things!

Lacie E. said...

I love etsy too. I can't wait to go ck out your shop

Rachell Taylor said...

These are some supercute finds. I love birds and bare trees.

thatdesigngal said...

Very Cute! Very you!!


Kristin said...

I loooooooove that bird print. Would look so fab in my living room!

Anonymous said...

I have had a thing for birds this summer, thanks for sharing

prashant said...

These are some supercute finds.

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